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09-17-06:Nintendo DS Lite Skins and they are ready to ship.

11-15-05:XBOX 360 Skins added.

Upload a picture to create your own color printed decals

11-03-05:Gameboy Micro Skins added.

10-31-05:Our New Line of Full Color Skins has been added! You can even upload your own image.

10-14-05:New 5th Generation Ipod Video skins added!

New Ipod Nano skins added!

08-03-05:New Sports Decals added.

New curved text option added to the Create a Decal page.

Three new Side Stripes added!

Three new Side Stripes added!

New area added, create your own custom yard signs.

Four new Side Stripes added!

06-24-05:Eight new backdrops added to the Stylish windshield Decal page.

Two new areas added, Nautical decals and

Four new motorcycle designs added:
Motorcycle GraphicsMotorcycle GraphicsMotorcycle GraphicsMotorcycle Graphics

New colors added: Pink Mirror, Diamond Plate, Dragon Scales, Black Holographic, Soft Pink and Stars.

05-16-05:New Riding Mower Decals added.

03-13-05:New Mac Mini Skins added.

Happy New Year! We have added Sony PSP skins, new slim model PStwo skins and 4th gen Ipod skins!

New Nintendo DS skins added! Updated GameCube skins page.

New Deluxe XBOX skins! Two-color skins that offer more surface coverage than any other XBOX skin.

10-28-04:Detailed Brake Caliper Decal Application Instructions added to the How-to area

New create your own custom Caliper Decals area added!

Two new Side Stripes added!

NewMotorcycle Graphicsarea added!

Two new Side Stripes added!

08-14-04:Added new IPOD Skins! Added Dreamcast skin and updated PS2 Skin on the Game Console Skins page.

Two new Side Stripes added!

New Pinstriping, Native American and Gun Decals area added.

07-08-04:New dog breed area added.

Two new 3rd brake light templates added to the Custom 3rd Brake Overlay page. 88-92 Camaro and 97-03 Grand Prix. New Side Stripe added!

feature added to the create a standard decal page.

05-24-04:You can now create a custom decal (with a preview of what your decal will look like) using any of our 4,500 different fonts!!

05-20-04:3,403 Japanese Kanji Symbols added to our new Kanji Database. If you can't find a symbol for the word you want, let us know and we will add it to the list.

05-12-04:Added three new 3rd brake light templates to the Custom 3rd Brake Overlay page. Focus 5 door Wagon, 1995-1999 Sentra, 1994-up S10 Standard Cab.

04-26-04:Added Priority and Overnight Express mailing options. Updated the color chart.

04-16-04:New Create a Custom License Plate area added. Create your own aluminum plate! These are great for car shows, picture taking or something to hang in the garage.

03-28-04:Added four new 3rd brake light templates to the Custom 3rd Brake Overlay page. 2000+ Celica, 1997-2003 F-150, 1989-1992 Probe and 1993-2002 Camaro. New category added, "Funny Decals".

02-25-04:We now have video game controller skin overlays for only $1.00. GameCube, XBOX and PS2 controller overlays added.

02-24-04:Updated the Large Body Graphic Installation page with pictures and more detailed instructions.

02-02-04:New Custom Anything Inside page added. Make your own Anything Inside parody decal with a preview!

01-26-04:New custom greek lettering page added. Great for fraternities/sororities.

01-25-04:Four new colors added: Red Mirror, Blue Mirror, Purple Mirror and Green Mirror.

New high detail Side Stripe added!

01-09-04:Added four new 3rd brake light templates to the Custom 3rd Brake Overlay page. 2002+ Cooper, 1995-2000 Stratus, 1995-2000 Cirrus and 1996-2000 Breeze.

12-29-03:New PS2 skins added to the Console Skins page!

Three New Side Stripes added!

Two New Side Stripes added!

12-24-03:Added 1999+ Mustang template to the Custom 3rd Brake Overlay page.

Two new Side Stripes added!

10-23-03:New custom XBOX skin creation page.

10-03-03:New fonts added to the create a decal page.

More animal decals and a new Side Stripe added.

Decals aren't only for cars and trucks, here are a few creative ideas some of our customers had:
Snowboard Designs Model Rockets Golf Cart Decals Plane Numbers

09-01-03:You can now create your own Custom 3rd Brake Light Overlays. Many fonts and pre-cut vehicle templates to choose from!

08-10-03:New "Outline" option added to Create a Custom Decal and Banner pages.

08-09-03:Now you can create custom banners from our Create a Decal page! Great for sales, vendor booths, sponsorship advertising, paintball teams, grand openings and more!

08-07-03:10 new fonts added to the Create a Custom Decal page.

08-02-03:Create a Custom Decal page has been revised. The standard decal page version 1 and 2 have been combined into one faster loading page with more features!

New Side Stripe added.

07-14-03:HALF OFF decals ordered in our new color MEDIUM BLUE until Thursday the 17th.

Vinz Decals at the Teckla USAC Triple Point Event

Three new Side Stripes added!

New Side Stripe added.

04-30-03:Two new backdrops added to the Create a Stylish Decal page.

03-15-03:Three new fonts added to the Create a Stylish Decal page.

03-14-03:Three new backdrops added to the Create a Stylish Decal page.

03-07-03:Detailed application instructions added for console skins in the How-To area.

New area added, Console Skins. Dress up your game console with one of our vinyl skins.

02-10-03:Updated the Color Chart and Create your own Decal pages.

Two new Side Stripes added!

02-02-03:We are currently in the process of moving our equipment to Minnesota. Please use our new shipping address posted in the "Contact Us" page.

01-03-03:New "Create a Decal version 2"! More fonts, characters & sizes from 8x1" to 116x23". Great for large truck/sign lettering, Imports, Boats, Bikes and anything you can imagine.

12-16-02:Shipping is now free worldwide!

Two new Side Stripes added!

11-08-02:Many more pictures added to the Gallery.

11-02-02:Shadow option added to most Side Stripes. Use this to add a shadow effect to your decal for a very sharp professional look!

10-22-02:New area added, Animals.

10-01-02:New Side Stripe added, two new backdrops added to Create a Decal section.

09-17-02:New feature added, you can now create your own custom decals with a stylish background.

08-26-02:New pics added to the Gallery. Many more to come.

07-24-02:The Side Stripe page has been redesigned.

06-20-02:More Side Stripe body graphics added.

06-16-02:Bulk discounts and new sizes now available on the Create a Decal page.

06-04-02:We now carry reflective vinyls (White, Red, Blue and Yellow). These reflect light very well at night. It is similar to what is used on most road signs.

06-03-02:The photo gallery images now include links to the decals pictured.

04-24-02:Hot new color added, Shade Shifter. This looks just like the popular and very expensive color changing paints. You will see red, blue, purple and even gold in this vinyl depending on the angle you look at it!

04-23-02:New area added, Full Color Graphics!

04-15-02:New designs added to Side Stripe body graphics.

03-25-02:New color added, White Carbon Fiber.

03-24-02:We have moved the website to a faster more reliable server. Everything should be operating as normal.

03-14-02:New area added, Helmet Decals. Helmet decal application instructions have also been added to the FAQ.

02-08-02:The Gallery has been expanded again.

01-16-02:More Side Stripe body graphics being added today.

01-01-02:Happy New Year! From now until January 15th all website orders of $100 or more will receive a FREE Fast and the Furious DVD!

12-17-01:The Gallery has been expanded to 6 pages to make room for more pictures. Email pictures of your vehicle with decals and I'll add them to the gallery.

12-10-01:New area added, Racecar Numbers.

11-23-01:System was down for an upgrade. We are now running on a faster server.

11-20-01:New area added, Special Occasions.

11-06-01:New decals added, new color added: Green Mirror.

10-30-01:New Side Stripe body graphics have been added.

10-26-01:New colors added: Mouse Gray, Blue Glitter and Tealite Pearl.

10-25-01:More Side Stripe body graphics added. This area has also been seperated into multiple pages to help load time. More Dragon decals added.

10-22-01:New items added to the Bimmer area. Another Side Stripe added.

10-13-01:Racing Stripes are now available in specialty colors. We have upgraded our equipment to handle decals 34" x 1000" in size. So we will be adding more of the large full body side graphics soon.

10-11-01:More pictures added to the gallery. New area added: Business/Profession decals.

09-18-01:Two new side stripe graphics sets added. More pics added to the gallery.

09-14-01:New website layout. We still have some fine tuning to do. Netscape users will get broken menus for a while. During this process the whole website was moved to a new server.

09-02-01:More Aftermarket decals added.

08-13-01:We now sell Vinyl Sheets you can use for misc customizing. Use it for trim, fuel doors, headlights or just about anything.

07-30-01:Eyebrow Application Instructions revised with pictures.

07-23-01:New advanced feature added: Outlined Backdrop. Click the advanced button near the decal you want and read the property description for more info.

07-19-01:New color added, Silver Metallic. This color matches most silver metallic vehicles perfectly.

07-14-01:New area added, Side Stripes. These large side stripe graphics will cover over 100 inches on each side of your vehicle.

07-02-01:Photo Gallery separated into multiple pages, more pictures added. Two new colors added: Black Glitter and Red Glitter.

06-30-01:New area added, Car-Toons.

06-18-01:New color added, Carbon Fiber.

06-17-01:New color added, Gray. New area added, Vinyl Colors.

06-09-01:Shopping cart added, just click the button! New areas added, Lexus and Displacement decals!

06-08-01:The advanced properties have been added to the "create a decal" area. New colors added: Silver Dazzle, Red Dazzle, Purple Dazzle and Blue Dazzle!

05-31-01:New feature added! Click the button near a decal to modify advanced properties. There is currently only one advanced feature but more are coming soon!

05-22-01:New colors added, Baby Blue, Color Defracto, Burgundy Metallic and Blue Metallic.

05-07-01:New colors added, Tomato Red and Teal.

04-30-01:New area added, Watercraft Decals.

04-26-01:New colors added: Gold Mirror, Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter and White Pearl.

04-15-01:Many more Accent Stripes added!

04-05-01:You can now create your own Bad-Boy Decals with a preview!

04-01-01:New vinyl colors available, Chrome & Gold-Etch.

03-28-01:Three new colors available: Lemon Yellow, Medium Green and Cyclamen.

03-25-01:New section added, Kanji/Oriental.

03-24-01:We are now up to 280 different decals online. The Misc. Unsorted section has been cleaned up and I removed some duplicates.

03-19-01:New lower prices on Racing Stripes.

03-04-01:More information added to How-to and FAQ.

02-27-01:New category added, Racing Stripes!.

02-25-01:For a limited time we will be offering Tribute to Dale Earnhardt Decals.

02-24-01:Our servers and phone lines went down last night due to an ice storm. We are back online again this morning. The storm is expected to continue through the rest of the weekend. Time to move to TX ;)

02-20-01:New vinyl color added "Etch", a translucent light silver which looks like etched glass. Looks great on windows!

02-13-01:More pictures added to the Photo Gallery.

02-04-01:New category has been added, Turbo/Supercharged decals.

02-03-01:We have added a search feature to our site! Type in your keyword(s) and click the "Find It!" button.

02-02-01:New sizes have been added to the Create a Decal page. There are also now 10 selectable fonts.

01-23-01:Three new fonts added to the Create a Decal page.

01-22-01:New font added, new vinyl color (Dark Blue).

01-20-01:There are now 5 available fonts in the Create a Decal page. We will continue to add new fonts to the database.

01-19-01:Four new vinyl colors to choose from: Burgundy, Orange, Charcoal Metallic and Fluorescent Green.

01-13-01:Now you can create your own decal online and see a preview of what it will look like!

01-12-01:The premade decal categories have been rearranged slightly and should be easier to navigate.

01-11-01:Check out the new Tribal Art category.

01-08-01:Two more pictures added to the gallery! We have moved aftermarket brand decals (Eibach, AEM, etc.) into their own category.

01-01-01:HAPPY NEW YEAR!

12-26-00:New area added, Amber's Dragon Decals. Keep checking this area for more dragon decal designs.

12-21-00:More decals added, new pictures in the gallery and more decal previews.

12-01-00:We have upgraded our server, we'll see alot less down time now.

11-26-00:Premade decals section has been redesigned. Decals sorted into better catagories.

11-14-00:You can now select from multiple sizes on many of our decals!

11-08-00:It's now easier to find all related decals for your vehicle! From the main premade decals page you can list decals related to a particular make. More makes and models will be added soon!

11-07-00:New lower prices on 4x4 Decals and others!

11-06-00:Webmaster referral program is now in effect.

11-05-00:Windshield decals are now sorted alphabetically in separate folders.

10-15-00:We have added Opaque Vinyl Sunshades to our premade graphics section. This is a 60" by 12" sheet of vinyl. Just apply it where you want it, then trim off the excess.

10-13-00:Revised application instructions available, check out the How-to area.

10-10-00:More decal previews have been added & new pictures in the photo gallery!

10-09-00:New category has been added! (Recessed Lettering)

09-11-00:New icon! If you see this icon next to a decal click on it to see an actual picture! We have also added many more windshield decals and a few others!

09-10-00:New category has been added! (Premade Windshield Decals)

09-08-00:More pictures added to the Photo Gallery. Also some of you had problems accessing the new BUY feature, the problem has been resolved!

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