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Helmet Decal Application Instructions:

(Note: We recommend a surface temperature of 55 degrees or more for decal applications)

Remove the helmet visor or anything else that might get in the way. For this helmet we just removed the two screws from each side. Then the visor assembly just came right off.

Clean helmet thoroughly. Remove all dirt, bugs, etc. Just about any cleaner will work here. If you use anything ammonia based, be sure you remove ALL traces of it before you continue.

Spray the surface of the helmet with plain water. Be sure the area you will be sticking the decal to is mostly wet.

Remove a decal piece from the paper. Use a razor to lift the decal off the paper instead of using a fingernail. Pull it off slowly, being careful not to tear it.

Apply the decal to the wet surface. You should be able to slide it into position while it is still wet.

Push out any bubbles with your finger. If you start to form any wrinkles, lift an end of the decal piece up and push the wrinkle out.

Use a blow dryer or heat gun on your decal piece. This will allow it to stretch and conform to the curves of the helmet. As you blow heat on it, push out any wrinkled edges or bubbles. Dry inside any cracks or edges and wrap the decal into them.

Trim off any excess decal with a razor. Now repeat from step 3 until every decal piece has been applied.

Allow for plenty of dry time. Let it sit in the hot sun or use a blow dryer to speed up the process.


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