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Large Body Graphic Installation:

(Note: We recommend a surface temperature around 55-80 degrees for decal applications)

Clean vehicle thoroughly, this is the most important step. Be sure to clean the door jambs, wheel wells and anything else the decal may overlap. It is OK to use wax.

Position the decal on the surface of the vehicle to get an idea of where you will want it. Now tape it in place.

Draw lines on the decal where the door jambs are using a marker. Also outline any pertrusions that the decal overlaps (such as door handles).

Cut along the lines you just made. Be sure the decal is taped well so none of the peices fall after making your cuts. Save the cut-outs from the door handles, you might want to try to apply these later.

Starting with one of the decal segments, hinge it upward and peel the paper backing off.

(Optional: You can spray water on the surface that the decal is to be applied to. This will allow you to reposition it incase of mistake, it also makes it easier to squeegee out any air bubbles. The down-side is you will have to wait much longer for the decal to dry before removing the top layer)

Squeegee the decal to the surface, starting from the top and working downward.

Remove the top layer of tape (If you wet the surface before applying the decal, be sure to wait for it to dry). Repeat steps 5 through 7 for the other decal segments.

Now repeating step 5 with one of the larger segments. As you can see, this peice will be fitting over some curves. Hinge it upward and remove the paper backing.

Repeating step 6 we squeegee the decal to the surface, starting from the top and working downward. I'm going to try to work the decal into the curves the best I can here. Whatever I can't do now, I will work in later.

Repeating step 7 we carefully remove the top layer of tape. If there are any areas in these curves where the decal didn't stay I'm going to work them in with a squeegee and if necessary, use a hair-dryer to help the decal stretch and conform.

Moving on to my final segment I'm going to seperate this one in mutiple peices. Anytime you have an area in your decal where it is unattached, you can cut and apply the peices seperately. This isn't necessary, but recommended. It is much easier to apply multiple smaller peices than one big peice. First I draw my lines with the marker.

Cut each peice and tape them at the top. Do the hinge up/squeegee down technique for each of the smaller peices.

Use a hair-dryer or heat gun to help conform the decal into the edges and around the corners. If you have any air bubbles you can use a pin to pop them, otherwise bubbles will come out on their own over time.

If you purchased a shadow to go with your large body graphics, follow the steps below, otherwise you are done.
1.Cut a peice of the shadow decal out and apply it dry for fast results or wet so that you may slide it into position.
2.Continue cutting and applying one peice at a time until the shadow is complete.
3.Remove tape, squeegee and dry as you did before.

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