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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:Can I take my decal off after I have applied it?
A:Yes, you should be able to peel it right off in warm weather. If it is giving you trouble, use a hair dryer. You won't be able to re-apply it afterwards.

Q:Will my decal peel off in the carwash, or bad weather?
A:As long as it was applied correctly it will stay on for years. (Apply in warm weather and surface must be VERY clean).

Q:Is decal X street legal?
A:You must check with your local state regulations for street legal decal placement.

Q:What types of surfaces can I apply decals to?
A:Our decals will stick to any smooth surface (Anything that isn't rough or lumpy to the touch). This means you can apply our windshield decals to something other than just a windshield.

Q:Can I apply wax or rain-x OVER my decal after I have applied it?
A:Yes, this will also help protect your decal from the elements. Just be careful around the edges of the decal.

Q:How durable are your decals?
A:Each of our colors have different properties. Most have a minimum outdoor life of 6 years, many of the specialty colors (marked with a *) are 10 year minimum.

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